To Stage or Not To Stage?

Monday Jul 04th, 2022


To stage or not to stage is NEVER a question. Ever.

There have been times over our years in this business when we've heard potential buyers utter the words, "this place is staged," as though it's a derogatory comment. Be assured it is not. Good staging is ALWAYS worth the time and the effort. And it's never a small effort, on anyone's part.

Staging does not always require that you or your realtor rent furniture for your home. Since rented furniture can be costly, we usually consider it when listing completely empty homes. At Clements Homes we do everything possible to save you money while getting  your home looking it's best with the furnishings you have. Obviously, that's not always feasible, and so we do have great rental companies that we use to get your spaces looking ship-shape. But you can leave it to us (and our fab in-house designer/stager, Janice) to make the most of your home, exactly how it is.

But, let's not forget your role in staging. Efforts by the homeowner to purge, depersonalize, clean and maintain their homes are critical to good staging. Our most successful sellers move mountains (and sofas, and toys, and armoires) to get their home photo-ready. And our team is all-in on lending a hand in those efforts. A staging assessment and report provided courtesy of Janice will help you determine what items in your home need to stay or go. And in the past, we've been known to help move, paint and clean the client's path to being a happy seller. 

Once your home is clean and tidy, we bring in whatever extra (small or large, if necessary) furnishings, artwork and accessories your house needs as icing on the staging-cake. We do the final touches with our inventory of decorative items to make the home photo-worthy.

Don't let the idea of staging scare you. It doesn't have to be costly. In fact, our staging services (excluding rentals) are complementary with every listing. If your real estate professional isn't offering you a staging option, they're not doing their job. Full stop.

Questions? Reach out to Wayne or Jackson for your staging assessment. We're always happy to help!


The Team at Clements Homes


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